My name is Andrew Offenberger, and I’m the owner of Modern Telecom Consulting.

I began my career directly out of college during the telecom boom of the 1990s. I started with a major telephone company in Cleveland where I labeled basic telephones and provided end-user training. I soon worked my way up to system programming and call center design where I spearheaded projects for several prominent Northeastern Ohio companies. This work earned several awards for outstanding customer service.

In 2004, my career evolved into sales consulting where I designed individually-tailored, end-to-end solutions which encompassed everything from the customer’s business telephone system to their recurring telephone, long distance, Internet, and Wide Area Networking services. It was during this time that I earned certifications from a variety of different phone hardware manufacturers.

I have clients across many industries, including non-profits, retail, schools, start-ups, banks and other financial institutions, local government, manufacturing, law firms, graphic designers, auto dealerships, and medical offices.

I work to provide my clients with knowledge acquired from two decades of industry experience and a rich abundance of partnerships. If you think you might need my services, or just have a quick question that maybe I can help answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.